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The decentralized finance revolution started innocently enough with online nerds playing Magic the Gathering, making funny dog memes, and selling rainbow cat NFTs. It doesn’t end there.

meme from Jurassic Park of “middlemen” (Jeff Goldblum) running from “DeFi” (T-Rex)
meme by Hogefather, the author’s alter ego

Decentralized Finance

Google Trends volume is through the roof. Why is it coming from the Peace Garden State?


Hogeman’s powerful words on why Hogers don’t obsess about daily price movements. Instead we get to work.

Meme by Katie Cans


@HogeFather ranks #1 on Lunarcrush influencers. Yikes.

Screenshot captured from Lunarcrush on 8/11/2021


Hoge Finance invites you to grab exclusive collector NFTs and face off against your favorite gamers in Fortnite

Who is Adam?

Who is Scotty?

Humanity will return to the moon someday, but you can take your life to the stars right now. In fact, we desperately need you to.

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

Finanzas Descentralizadas

No importa de dónde esté leyendo esto en el mundo en este momento, ya puede ganar más que el salario mínimo estadounidense jugando videojuegos con tecnología de cifrado.


No matter where you are reading this from in the world right now, you can already earn better than American minimum wage by playing crypto-powered video games

Screenshot taken from Axie Infinity


Million Token takes aim for the ultimate prize: displacing Bitcoin itself as a store of value. Can the lions take down such prey?

Jesse J Rogers

I have become Hogefather. Soon to be dad. Amateur author. Crypto enthusiast.

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