4th Hoge Core Member Revealed

Meet “F”

By Hogefather aka Jesse J Rogers

After three months of work behind the scenes, the Hoge Core team that built Hoge Finance is making their names, faces, and reputations a matter of public record. There’s nothing that builds trust more fully than sacrificing one’s anonymity. It says to the world in no uncertain terms, “I believe in this project’s success. I stand with Hoge”.

I am grateful for the honor of introducing Hoge Nation to the fourth member of our Hoge Core team. Say hello to “F”, aka Florin Podaru!

Also, just in case you’ve missed it, here’s a recap of the previous self-doxxing announcements so far.

Day 3: Mesh, aka Marc-Antoine Belair

Day 2: Reconlion, aka Zach Issa Al-Kharusy

Day 1: Hogeman, aka Dr. Joseph Niehaus

Stay tuned, because another mystery will be revealed tomorrow. Who will it be?

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