The top 4 reasons that I’m grateful for a year like no other

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By Jesse Rogers. Updated Jan 4, 2021.

I realize it may seem odd to celebrate a year that has become so closely associated with death, destruction, division, and hardship.

Beyond just the initial damage from the pandemic itself, the atmosphere of isolation, fear, and scarcity has often brought out the worst in us.

In many countries, our elites and representatives have disappointed us with pettiness, a lack of cooperation, and inaction. That’s a far cry from the visionary leadership which this moment in history called for.

Moreover, our neighbors, friends, and family have at times shocked us, repeating narratives that…

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Are you sure that’s what matters?

By Jesse Rogers

This is the one.

This is the article that’s going to put you on the map. This one will launch you into the stratosphere! Everything you’ve done up till now culminates into this magnum opus. This is the one that takes you viral.

You’ve read countless stories of “How I Made a Zillion Dollars on This One Article”, and now it's your turn. There are so many other people who have gone from zero to hero overnight on Medium. And as you read their stories you realize that some of them got very lucky.

Some of them are out of…

CRYPTOCURRENCY drastically reduces supply, burning 70 billion CRO tokens in the “largest token burn in history”

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Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash

For copyright reasons, I can’t make the headline image of this article a gif of the Night King resurrecting his fallen opponents on Game of Thrones. But if I could, you better believe I would, because that’s how powerful I felt when I bought another 24,000 CRO.

See, the price dropped to $0.16 only one day after I had bought 7200 CRO at $0.23. I realize most people would have negative feelings about seeing 30% of the value of their investment evaporate in a single day. …


Free speech absolutism eliminates all speech

Boy screaming into a microphone
Boy screaming into a microphone
Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

Imagine a public square dedicated to free speech, where everyone in the town is able to gather and discuss ideas freely, without the threat of the king’s fragile ego putting their lives in jeopardy for saying the “wrong” thing (generally, the truth). Without the harsh judgment of the priests threatening their excommunication. There are no rules, just pure freedom in that public square.

How the townspeople love it so.

Eventually, of the 100 people in this utopian town, it turns out that one of them isn’t interested in thoughtfully discussing ideas. They just want…


A weakening dollar combined with high gas fees on Ethereum’s network opens the door for alternatives like ALGO

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Screenshot from the author’s Coinbase account

On October 21, 2018, I bought a little more than 1.2 Ethereum costing me $203.27 per token.

Now I know what you’re thinking, and it’s true — I’m such a wild man! That’s a lot of cash to gamble away, right?

I’m a math tutor, but this isn’t calculus so I was way out of my element and didn’t understand any of this stuff. Warren Buffet says to only invest in things you understand, and he also claims that crypto is “rat poison squared”. So by his conventional wisdom, what I did was foolish.

I reasoned that the price of…

The ethics of prosperity

Stock chart
Stock chart
Photo by M. B. M. on Unsplash

I’ve made no secret of my Compounding Interest Podcast. I’ve shared the news of it with dozens of people in my personal and professional life by this point. So how has it been received? What questions have there been? Before I get into trying to answer deep questions about ethics, I need to give some background.


Of those who’ve responded, most are encouraged and inspired. One student that I’ve been mentoring for some time writes

“Thats awesome Jesse! just watched it, wishing you success! Still studying for my real estate exam, will take the exam this Feb!”

She and I…

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that our nation’s economic, diplomatic, and even military strength is intimately tied to healthcare

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Image by torstensimon from Pixabay

I often hear American liberals frame healthcare as a basic human right. They passionately believe that to deny healthcare to someone in need of treatment is an act of cruelty.

American Conservatives like Ben Shapiro counter this by saying that healthcare must not be asserted as a positive right. Legitimate government assurances, in their view, are only ever negative rights- things the government is not allowed to do to you.

That is to say, the government cannot censor your free speech (negative right) but it does not guarantee you a platform (that would be a positive right). …


Celebrating a life well lived

Photograph of Bobby Logan
Photograph of Bobby Logan
Bobbie Logan

By “Jesse James” Rogers

I was blessed to grow up four houses down from my grandparents, Al and Bettie Rogers.

In the house behind them lived a man named Bobbie Logan.

For us, Bobbie wasn’t just any neighbor. We saw him often because, like my father Dan, he was an elder in the Royal Palm Beach Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

To his captors in the American government, Bobbie was a convict. The deeper truth is that he was an unbreakable man of conviction.

Bobbie wouldn’t call people by their name. Instead, he had nicknames for everyone. The first memory I…

Episode 1

Announcing the creation of an academic community that explores the intersection of math and money

Money in the background with the words Compounding Interest Podcast
Money in the background with the words Compounding Interest Podcast
Compounding Interest Podcast Logo

“When are we ever going to use this in the real world?”

“Why aren’t you teaching us practical things that we’re actually going to need, like how to do taxes, invest, and start businesses?”

Every math teacher has heard these questions phrased one way or another.

And here’s the thing — students are right to ask!

We teachers might want to talk about finding the volume of a logarithm rotated about an axis. Sure, it’s part of the mandated curriculum. But whose life will that change?

Engineering students don’t even need a lot of this content. Computers already crunch all…


His simple but effective strategy that you can start using today

Portrait of President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Portrait of President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Photo by Library of Congress on Unsplash

“I’m so sorry… (awkward pause) what was your name again?”

We’ve all had that embarrassing moment.

It’s important for you to remember the person’s name, but arrgh! You just can’t. You remember their face but can’t recall their name, right?

It isn’t mere embarrassment that’s on the line. This problem can cost you sales, it can cost you potential friendships, mentors, study partners, and investors. All around makes it more difficult to connect with new people when you have trouble remembering names.

By contrast, imagine what a superpower it was for President Roosevelt to remember the names of people that…

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