The good, the bad, and the ugly

[edited 4/14/2021] Author’s note: In the month since the original writing and the unexpected success of this article, Hoge Finance and my relationship with it have changed significantly. Instead of being an unbiased amateur reporter investigating Hoge with curiosity, I’ve become one of its most fervent evangelists. You could even call me a guerilla marketing tactician at this point. I’m using the evolution of HOGE into a movement to Help Organize Greatness Everywhere to advance social goals in addition to financial ones.

But as for the coin itself, this post I saw from a community member in a Facebook group…

The top 4 reasons that I’m grateful for a year like no other

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

By Jesse Rogers. Updated Jan 4, 2021.

I realize it may seem odd to celebrate a year that has become so closely associated with death, destruction, division, and hardship.

Beyond just the initial damage from the pandemic itself, the atmosphere of isolation, fear, and scarcity has often brought out the worst in us.

In many countries, our elites and representatives have disappointed us with pettiness, a lack of cooperation, and inaction. That’s a far cry from the visionary leadership which this moment in history called for.

Moreover, our neighbors, friends, and family have at times shocked us, repeating narratives that…

Photo by Samuel Pereira on Unsplash

Are you sure that’s what matters?

By Jesse Rogers

This is the one.

This is the article that’s going to put you on the map. This one will launch you into the stratosphere! Everything you’ve done up till now culminates into this magnum opus. This is the one that takes you viral.

You’ve read countless stories of “How I Made a Zillion Dollars on This One Article”, and now it's your turn. There are so many other people who have gone from zero to hero overnight on Medium. And as you read their stories you realize that some of them got very lucky.

Some of them are out of…


And Hoge Finance is DeFi made easy

By Jesse Rogers

Hold on, let me stop you right there. I’ve got two words — “late fees.”

Are you old enough to remember dragging yourself out of a nice cozy bed after relaxing to a movie so that you can drive to Blockbuster and avoid those exorbitant late fees? Oh, and I sure hope you remembered to rewind the tape!

We had to pay to get our photos developed too, which would take about an hour. The book sitting on the coffee table that no one opened was our version of “Instagram”.

We don’t miss those inconveniences.

And you…


Headed for space? You’d better bring Geordi!

By Jesse Rogers

Ever since my big breakout article Is Hoge Coin Legit? You just can’t shut me up about Hoge. Firstly, I love the people in this community. I love the concept of the project and the spirit of the movement. And yes, I also love the fact that I finally have a platform with tens of thousands of people listening to me, allowing me to finally nudge the world ever so slightly away from its madness and towards the direction that makes sense.

And let me tell you one thing that makes a whole lot of sense to…


NY mayoral candidate Andrew Yang loves both dogs and crypto. The feeling is mutual.

Meme by Jesse J Rogers

By Jesse J Rogers

One of the main criticisms of tech generally and crypto specifically is that it is a cultish clique that doesn’t engage with the wider world. We in the crypto space are oblivious to whatever else is going on, and the mainstream mostly ignores us too.

That’s probably true to an extent, but Hoge Finance aims to change that.

What Mickey Mouse did to popularize motion pictures, Hoge is doing to popularize Decentralized Finance.

The Hoge brand is still very new so you probably haven’t heard of it yet. But rest assured, you will.

I say that with such confidence because…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard that we’re getting listed on a top 25 exchange this coming Friday.

If you’re planning to get in at a low price point, frankly it might be now or never. Not financial advice. Do your own research.

Here are my latest notes.

Have a great week, and I’ll see you on the moon!



Screenshot of taken April 12, 2021 at 9:32 pm

Since the report last week, there have been 759,982,900 HOGE tokens burned forever.


In what was easily the biggest news of the week, Hoge Finance announced that the next exchange HOGE will be listed on is BigONE. Trade pairs will include both ETH/HOGE and USDT/HOGE. A summary of the news is contained in the story below.

Teaser: a little birdie told me (who may or may not be Hogeman himself) to keep an eye out for announcements about NFT minting capabilities being unlocked for individual wallet holders (not on an exchange) who own HOGE prior to the BigONE exchange. …


What Hoge Finance means to the team that’s building it

By Jesse Rogers

Here I was, just minding my own business.

I dutifully did my research and invested prudently in a diversified portfolio of solid altcoin projects. I took dollar-cost-averaged positions on ENJ at around $2.60, BAT at $1, ALGO at $1.10, CRO at $0.17, ONE at $.10, LOOM at $.11, TRX at $0.05, and MATIC at $0.25. I was nicely ahead and poised for a bright future of passive growth earned by the efforts of others.

I really do think these are all fantastic projects. Every one of them. Many have doubled or more. …


What I’ve learned from the Black Swan

screenshot from

By Jesse Rogers

“A black swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences.” — Investopedia

Most people are terrified of the unknown, and the term Black Swan can especially make some people’s blood run cold in the financial sector, where stability is prized.

But that’s not us. In Hoge Army, we lean into the unknown and relish the unexpected.

I’d like to introduce you to a man who sees Black Swans not with fear, but with excitement.

He’s probably never heard of Hoge Finance. He’s certainly never heard…

Jesse J Rogers

Transform ourselves to transform the future. Reach me

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