Decentralized Finance

Building a bright future for our kids has never been so much fun

By HogeFather, aka Jesse J Rogers

Imagine in 2011 that a working-class parent had spent just a single paycheck to buy 1000 Bitcoin @$1 each for their newborn child. The plan is to hold that wallet for them until they turn 18, and then give over the seed phrase.

In June 2021, we now know that the $1,000 investment would be worth only a measly $32 million because of the downturn. …

Decentralized Finance

The fusion of fine art with fintech accelerates

By Hogefather, aka Jesse J Rogers

It was a bit like volunteering to interview the most interesting man in the world, without ever having sipped a Dos Equis.

I have very little knowledge of art, so I’m not sure what possessed me to accept a mission that was this far outside of my wheelhouse. But I did. And I’m so glad I said “yes”.

Interviewing Francesco “The Bonamist” Bonami was an absolute delight. You can watch our first conversation here.

We talked about many things, including his perspective and career, interesting works and trends in artwork, and of course…


HOGE has been added to the exchange, so you can at last directly swap DOGE and many other top cryptos to get small amounts of HOGE

Screenshot of website

By Hogefather, aka Jesse J Rogers

Only a few days ago, I wrote about the importance of only making large purchases when you’re using Uniswap to buy HOGE.

Unfortunately, small purchases and dollar-cost-averaging are just too expensive on Uniswap because most of your value will be eaten up by gas fees. A few days ago, I didn’t know of any solutions for small buyers. Now I do. It has problems and isn’t a complete solution, but consider it as a possibility.

This platform isn’t the kind of exchange that holds anyone’s funds, so there’s no need for account signup or…


Ethereum gas fees will chew up your purchase

Meme by Disrupt Reality

By Hogefather, aka Jesse J Rogers

5/13/2021 Edit: I’ve changed the title to $1000 up from $250 because gas fees have soared so much. There is a way to do this more cheaply now for small amounts. I’ve written about it here. You still have to use Uniswap for large amounts.

As much as I love the HOGE token and the Hoge Finance community, and as much as I want as many people as possible to join the movement, I want it to happen the right way. That’s not necessarily the fastest way. …


Meet “F”

By Hogefather aka Jesse J Rogers

After three months of work behind the scenes, the Hoge Core team that built Hoge Finance is making their names, faces, and reputations a matter of public record. There’s nothing that builds trust more fully than sacrificing one’s anonymity. It says to the world in no uncertain terms, “I believe in this project’s success. I stand with Hoge”.

I am grateful for the honor of introducing Hoge Nation to the fourth member of our Hoge Core team. Say hello to “F”, aka Florin Podaru!


Less than three months ago, Hoge Finance changed the game by becoming the first meme coin with deflationary reflection mechanics. Since then, it has been overshadowed by “safe” copycats. Can it regain the crown to become the face of DeFi?

Meme by LokoLuke, modified by the author

By Hogefather, aka Jesse Rogers

The first question you might have is why should anyone take a meme coin seriously as an investment? Before we get to that, I have two questions for you.

  1. Do you know of anyone who puts a sports team’s mascot up in place of their profile picture on social media?
  2. Do you know of anyone who has a local utility company’s logo up in the same way as their profile picture?

Keep your answers to these questions in the back of your mind throughout the discussion in this article. …


An interview with Marketing Director Jenna Polinsky

By Hogefather, aka Jesse J Rogers

Miami, Florida is generating quite a lot of buzz in the crypto world. Next month, it will host Bitcoin 2021, the industry’s biggest event of the year. And that’s only the beginning of what the city’s forward-looking mayor, Francis Xavier Suarez, has in store.

No matter how exciting and celebrity-studded the convention may be, the event will come and go. After blowing the minds of the audience, speakers like Michael Saylor and Chamath Palihapitiya eventually have to pack their bags and return home.

What will it take for Miami to truly transform itself into…


I was wrong. Doge is so crypto.

Screenshot from

By Hogefather, aka Jesse J Rogers

If you missed out on the Doge mania or feel silly for dumping your bag at four cents, you’re not alone. In the corners of the internet that I frequent, there are quite a lot of salty tears being spilled right now by could-have-been-millionaires.

Because I never got into Doge, I am to some degree among them. So yes. Much tears.

All those “serious” projects with “real use cases” that I’ve been holding on to lately have done okay but haven’t gone anywhere near the moon. None of them have catapulted from $0.005 in…


And Hoge Finance is DeFi made easy

By Hogefather, aka Jesse J Rogers

Hold on, let me stop you right there. I’ve got two words — “late fees.”

Are you old enough to remember dragging yourself out of a nice cozy bed after relaxing to a movie so that you can drive to Blockbuster and avoid those exorbitant late fees? Oh, and I sure hope you remembered to rewind the tape!

We had to pay to get our photos developed too, which would take about an hour. The book sitting on the coffee table that no one opened was our version of “Instagram”.

We don’t miss those…


Headed for space? You’d better bring Geordi!

By Hogefather, aka Jesse J Rogers

Ever since my big breakout article Is Hoge Coin Legit? You just can’t shut me up about Hoge. Firstly, I love the people in this community. I love the concept of the project and the spirit of the movement. And yes, I also love the fact that I finally have a platform with tens of thousands of people listening to me, allowing me to finally nudge the world ever so slightly away from its madness and towards the direction that makes sense.

And let me tell you one thing that makes a whole lot…

Jesse J Rogers

I have become Hogefather. Soon to be dad. Amateur author. Crypto enthusiast.

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