Meet the team that’s hard at work making sure that the visually impaired are not left out of the DeFi revolution.

2021’s cryptocurrency bull market has generated life changing wealth for some. Many of those have been average people. You didn’t need to be an accredited investor to turn $1000 worth of Doge held in January into about $30,000 today.

ADA Cardano has followed a similar trajectory by showing jaw dropping…


Relax. I don’t know if this is a crypto-winter any better than you do. All I know is that I need to make some changes and refocus.

By Hogefather, aka Jesse J Rogers

The NFT craze looks to some eyes as if it is already overheated.

Not me. Much like my role model Tom Bilyeu, I believe this is only a prelude.

And there’s a lot more things that I believe.

I believe that Axie Infinity —…


And why is Hogefather writing about it?

By Hogefather, aka Jesse J Rogers

I’ve had the privilege of delivering many announcements for Hoge Finance during the past 7 months. But for me, this announcement could be the most exciting.

Hoge University and Waifer are in collaboration for an ongoing partnership to realize the potential of blockchain technology…


Make friends while learning to program for free

By Jesse J Rogers, aka Hogefather

Article Summary

Solidity is the programming language to create smart contracts on Ethereum and similar chains such as Matic and BSC.

I am creating a free study group to help myself and whoever wants to join me to learn Solidity. …


The decentralized finance revolution started innocently enough with online nerds playing Magic the Gathering, making funny dog memes, and selling rainbow cat NFTs. It doesn’t end there.

Last Edited 9/15/2021|By Jesse J Rogers

Dogecoin’s 12,000% price increase towards the beginning of the year might have landed on your radar.

It’s possible that you read the New York Times article about how an image you can easily copy to your computer right now for free somehow sold for…

Decentralized Finance

Google Trends volume is through the roof. Why is it coming from the Peace Garden State?

By HogeFather, aka Jesse J Rogers

PALM BEACH — After months of shilling Hoge to everyone I know, I expected my home state of Florida to account for an increasingly higher share of search volume than other states. Nope. Humbling — but no, Jess. That’s not how this thing works.


Hogeman’s powerful words on why Hogers don’t obsess about daily price movements. Instead we get to work.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Doge took 12 and 7 years respectively to get to the stage that they’re at. Doge briefly touched 1 cent in 2018, before dropping to a fraction of that and languishing for 3 long years.

Just imagine that you had bought at the peak of 2018…


@HogeFather ranks #1 on Lunarcrush influencers. Yikes.

By HogeFather, aka Jesse J Rogers

This morning I went to check on Lunarcrush to see how Hoge Finance is doing, and was presented with a bit of a surreal surprise. Apparently, according to them I’m the #1 influencer at Hoge Finance now (they’re obviously not counting Scotty and Adam


Hoge Finance invites you to grab exclusive collector NFTs and face off against your favorite gamers in Fortnite

By Jesse J Rogers, aka Hogefather

The HOGE community couldn’t be more excited to take #HOGEeverywhere into the world of Fortnite. And we’re doing it with two of our favorite people. The event is scheduled for 8pm ET on August 8, on the @HogeGaming Twitch channel.

Who is Adam?

Adam Rose is quite…

Humanity will return to the moon someday, but you can take your life to the stars right now. In fact, we desperately need you to.

My friend and colleague Dr. Andy Plotkin recently contributed an article to the Orlando Sentinel about the Billionaire Space Race.

I believe privatized space travel is an incredibly important subject, which is why I assured Andy in a meeting we had the other day that I’d weigh in with a…

Jesse J Rogers

I have become Hogefather. Soon to be dad. Amateur author. Crypto enthusiast.

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