Humanity will return to the moon someday, but you can take your life to the stars right now. In fact, we desperately need you to.

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

My friend and colleague Dr. Andy Plotkin recently contributed an article to the Orlando Sentinel about the Billionaire Space Race.

I believe privatized space travel is an incredibly important subject, which is why I assured Andy in a meeting we had the other day that I’d weigh in with a response.

In this commentary, I’ll first give consideration to Andy’s perspective, and then in typical Jesse fashion I’ll take the discussion on some wild, unexpected tangents that will hopefully leave some readers utterly delighted, while others surely become annoyed.

To briefly recap, for anyone who refused to disable their adblocker…

Finanzas Descentralizadas

No importa de dónde esté leyendo esto en el mundo en este momento, ya puede ganar más que el salario mínimo estadounidense jugando videojuegos con tecnología de cifrado.

Escrito Por Jesse J Rogers, Hogefather

Perdone la traducción automática. Quiero que las audiencias de habla hispana tengan acceso a esta información, pero no tengo los recursos para nada más sofisticado.

Si lo piensas bien, una gran cantidad de trabajo humano ya es algo extraño.

Con el autopago, no necesitamos cajeros. Con la conducción autónoma, no necesitaremos conductores de camiones. Nunca necesitamos saludos de Walmart. Y así sigue y sigue. No es simplemente que el avance tecnológico hará que nuestros trabajos se vuelvan obsoletos. El problema es que muchos de estos trabajos inventados no eran realmente necesarios para empezar.



No matter where you are reading this from in the world right now, you can already earn better than American minimum wage by playing crypto-powered video games

Screenshot taken from Axie Infinity

By Jesse J Rogers, aka Hogefather

If you think about it, a large amount of human labor is already somewhat extraneous.

With self-checkout, we don’t need cashiers. With autonomous driving, we won’t need truckdrivers. We never needed Walmart greeters. On and on it goes. It isn’t simply that technological advance will make our jobs obsolete. The issue is that so many of these made-up jobs weren’t really needed to begin with.

That’s a bitter pill to swallow if you gain a sense of pride from the work you do. But if you hated working to begin with because it feels…


Million Token takes aim for the ultimate prize: displacing Bitcoin itself as a store of value. Can the lions take down such prey?

By Hogefather aka Jesse J Rogers

Not financial advice, do your own research. The opinions expressed herein are the author’s alone and do not necessarily reflect those of Million Token, Medium, Hoge Finance, or anyone else.

In order for the argument that Million Token could surpass Bitcoin to make any sense, we’ll have to begin this discussion (and it really is a discussion, I’ll gladly respond to your comments below) by asking a million-dollar question: how do wealthy people think, and what do they value most?

There’s recently been quite a lot of excitement and controversy regarding the so called…


…oh, and what is the fair market exchange ratio of unicorns to leprechauns anyway?

The Stanley Nickel, available for purchase at

If you’ve obsessively binged The Office as many times as I have, you’ll probably remember the iconic “Schrute Bucks” scene. It turned out to be way ahead of its time!

Moreover, if you’re as big a fan of Coffeezilla as I am, then you may also know that 2021 has seen some really crazy developments in the cyrpto space. Most recently, Steve had blown the lid off of a massive pump and dump crypto “charity” token called “Save the Kids” that some greedy influencers seem to have deliberately scammed their own fans with.

With that background established, the next chapter…


A Core team member wakes up to his worst crypto nightmare

Image By TheDigitalArtist on Pixabay

I had been wondering why the price of HOGE fell so sharply yesterday, given how much excitement there was around recently bridging to PancakeSwap. And it doesn’t stop there, we’re bridging #HOGEeverywhere in our new marketing campaign. There’s new centralized exchange listings coming as well, and popular swaps like have been adding us without our even having to ask. All I see are tons of bullish news and strong signals for optimism. So what gives?

Well I think I found my answer. And it hit me in the pit of my stomach like a punch to the gut. …

Decentralized Finance

What if I told you Ethereum upgrades could soon put it ahead of Bitcoin?

By HogeFather, aka Jesse J Rogers

Not financial advice. For educational, informational, and entertainment purposes only. Do your own research.

In the Beginning, There Was Bitcoin…

“If I had asked people what they wanted they would have said faster horses.” — Henry Ford

Until now, Bitcoin’s moves have largely driven the price of every cryptocurrency to the point where it is essentially synonymous with the word “crypto”. All altcoins rise and fall according to their king’s lead. Bitcoin’s share of value in the crypto market has been on the decline but it still maintains a massive 44% dominance as of this writing.

Bitcoin has proven to…

Decentralized Finance

Decentralized finance, wrapping, and arbitrage explained

By HogeFather, aka Jesse J Rogers

The recent launch of the #HOGEeverywhere campaign kicked off with news of an AnySwap bridge linking us to the Binance Smart Chain. HOGE is now available for purchase on PancakeSwap.

Because the bridge is controlled by a third party DEX (decentralized exchange) rather than directly by Hoge Finance, this is not a regulatory liability for our project and will not impede our ability to be listed on future centralized exchanges (CEX).

But what is a bridge? How does all this work, exactly?

Minting Wrapped Tokens

The process for getting HOGE onto BSC is not really experimental at…


The AnySwap platform unlocks new capabilities for trading wrapped HOGE tokens on BSC, Polygon, and platforms like PancakeSwap

By HogeFather, aka Jesse J Rogers

Launched in February of this year, Hoge Finance was successful for many reasons, explained here. It was so successful that it spawned an entire genre of deflationary meme coins that all promised to “be the next Hoge”.

Since then, the high Ethereum gas fees have been a barrier to further adoption of Hoge. Initially, Hoge was only available on a Decentralized EXchange (DEX) called Uniswap. Because of high gas costs, only investors buying in sizeable increments could justify paying fees of $100 or more simply to initiate the transaction. …

Decentralized Finance

When we say “everywhere”, we meme it.

By HogeFather, aka Jesse J Rogers

In February 2021, Hoge Finance was launched. It quickly got attention and investment dollars for a variety of reasons. Unlike any other meme coins at that time, the developers changed the game by doing the following:

  1. Locked liquidity for several months, guaranteeing that investors could safely get in and get out without needing trust.
  2. Completed a Certik audit, the first meme coin to do so.
  3. Held regular AMAs
  4. Publicly revealed team member identities
  5. Established a legal entity and Swiss Association to protect the brand

That’s standard practice now and I have holdings in many…

Jesse J Rogers

I have become Hogefather. Soon to be dad. Amateur author. Crypto enthusiast.

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