Announcing $220 Free Crypto Giveaway!

Get it while it lasts!

Jesse J Rogers
4 min readMar 27, 2021


EDIT: As of today, 3/28/2021, it was clarified below that not everyone who participates will receive 1 million Hoge. Instead, each participant will receive a chance to win 1 million Hoge which gets announced at 30k retweets.

A 1 in 30,000 chance to win $200 is less compelling than what I originally thought when I first wrote this article. I’m not upset because this person is clearly giving away their own money to try to spread the word about Hoge so I applaud that. But I do think their earlier tweet on the 20th was not clear.

My original article is as follows. It is still useful for wallet creation and there’s no reason not to participate, but please forgive my unfounded enthusiasm and optimism. Not everyone is going to get the Hoge. It sounds like there’s only one winner.

Right now a generous donor in the HOGE community is offering 1 million HOGE (present value between $220 and $270, future value who knows??) simply to retweet this. #hogecoinrising

Go to your twitter, click this tweet, and retweet it with your HOGE wallet address.

Oh, you don’t have a HOGE wallet address? Let’s fix that.

All you have to do is

Step 1: Go to the playstore and download Coinbase Wallet. Create an account. Keep your information in a secure place, there’s no retrieving it if you forget your seed phrase.

Step 2: Go to your Coinbase Wallet and click Recieve.

Step 3: search for HOGE

Step 4: select it and copy your address into your clipboard.

Step 5: retweet the post by @hogecoinrise with #hoge and #hogecoinrise and paste your wallet address into the tweet.

I don’t know this guy personally but it doesn’t matter because the worst that can possibly happen to you is that he doesn’t send you anything. You’ll then eventually delete the tweet if he doesn’t. Your address only allows people to send you money. They can’t take anything from you.

It might confuse you why anyone would offer this, but I know regular people who made hundreds of thousands or even a million dollars off of a small investment in HOGE at the start, so it is well worth it to these whales to keep building the community and getting new people in a few hundred dollars at a time.

If the price goes up the way I think it will, this will be the biggest gain you’ve ever gotten for such a minimal effort.

This offer didn’t have an end date listed but obviously it isn’t going to last forever. So don’t wait!

Also, share this with people who you want to have a free investment that could turn into something big in a few months or years. There’s a lot of people I’d like to join HOGE army, and I know they can’t afford to on their own, and so for me this is a perfect opportunity to recruit my friends into something I love at no risk to them.

Thank you so much @hogecoinrise for your initiative and for helping to grow the HOGE community.