Bobbie Logan: A Man of Conviction

Celebrating a life well lived

Photograph of Bobby Logan
Bobbie Logan

To his captors in the American government, Bobbie was a convict. The deeper truth is that he was an unbreakable man of conviction.

Bobbie wouldn’t call people by their name. Instead, he had nicknames for everyone. The first memory I have of Bobbie is of him using our restroom before leading the group to go out witnessing to neighbors. Behind the door, I could hear him singing “Jeremiah was a bullfrog”. I don’t know if he made that song up or if it’s an oldie that got stuck in his head, but either way, as far as Bobbie was concerned that became my brother Jeremy’s name from then on.

Bobbie and Helen Logan
Bobbie and Helen (left) Logan were a comfort to my Grandma Bettie Rogers (center) after she lost Grandpa Al
My parents Dan & Jackie Rogers fondly remembering their friend
Mike (the main speaker at the event) and Linda Smith



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