Hoge.Finance Updates: April 12, 2021

Screenshot of hoge.report taken April 12, 2021 at 9:32 pm

Since the report last week, there have been 759,982,900 HOGE tokens burned forever.


In what was easily the biggest news of the week, Hoge Finance announced that the next exchange HOGE will be listed on is BigONE. Trade pairs will include both ETH/HOGE and USDT/HOGE. A summary of the news is contained in the story below.

Teaser: a little birdie told me (who may or may not be Hogeman himself) to keep an eye out for announcements about NFT minting capabilities being unlocked for individual wallet holders (not on an exchange) who own HOGE prior to the BigONE exchange. If you’ve got a piece of art that you want to turn into an NFT, have it ready to go!


I proposed that a skill everyone in Hoge Army should learn is negotiation. I’d like for the brand to be associated with excellent communication ability, and on a personal note I think there are few skills you can learn to more dramatically improve the quality of your life in a short period of time.

In preparation for the BigONE listing, I’m in the process of writing an updated whitepaper. The thoughts and ideas I want to be incorporated into that whitepaper are laid out in this article below, which I still need the community’s input on, so after you read please chime in either in the comments or by email at jesse@coachforcrypto.com


Meme by Jrocko3

My favorite meme of the week was by Jrocko3. It perfectly captures how easy it is to get people to buy in at the worst time, and how difficult it is to persuade people that now, at the dip, is the best time to get into HOGE.

I tried to tell them. I tried to tell everyone I could. Once we are listed and advertised on the BigONE this coming Friday, either they’ll be on the rocketship or they won’t. But my conscience is clear.

Okay, so this is not financial advice and I’m not a financial advisor, this is just a regular mortal’s opinion. But I really have no Earthly idea how the price can do anything except increase after retesting the bottom several times, trading flat for weeks, and then getting listed on a top 25 exchange. At this point, where else can it go but up?

See you on the moon, kiddos.



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