HOGE Gaming Proudly Presents: Adam and Scotty vs The World

Hoge Finance invites you to grab exclusive collector NFTs and face off against your favorite gamers in Fortnite

By Jesse J Rogers, aka Hogefather

The HOGE community couldn’t be more excited to take #HOGEeverywhere into the world of Fortnite. And we’re doing it with two of our favorite people. The event is scheduled for 8pm ET on August 8, on the @HogeGaming Twitch channel.

Who is Adam?

Adam Rose is quite possibly the most entertaining man to ever wear a blue cardigan sweater. Fortnite has literally paid him to incorporate his Tik Tok dance into their game.

Check out his skills at Fortnite after only one fortnight.

Who is Scotty?

Scotty Sire is the musician who among many other things is known for Take Me Away, the ultimate anthem for introverts.

More recently, Scotty made a Crypto for Dummies (By Dummies) documentary that recognizes Hoge & Doge as the shitcoins of choice for the discerning investor.

Can I get NFTs?

Heck yeah you can! If you’re not familiar with how to do that yet, then although he isn’t going to be at this event, our ‘ol friend Jesse Tyler Ridgeway will break down exactly how to buy awesome Hoge NFTs on the Opensea.

But there’s an even better way. You can go to and subscribe to the email list, where you’ll get instructions on how to win in an NFT drop of exclusive collections made by Adam Rose and Scotty Sire!

Before you go, catch this 3 minute clip of the Hogefather podcast where you can meet the creator of Hoge Mega Man, who made Scotty Sire a playable character in his upcoming game. Will Scotty play the demo and do a speed run as himself? Check out the clip below, and be sure to tell him if that’s something you want to see!

And whatever you do, don’t miss the historic Adam and Scotty vs the World event! Once again, it will be hosted on the @HogeGaming Twitch channel at 8pm on August 8th!



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