How Americans Can Finally Get HOGE Easily and Cheaply

HOGE has been added to the exchange, so you can at last directly swap DOGE and many other top cryptos to get small amounts of HOGE

Jesse J Rogers
7 min readMay 10, 2021


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By Hogefather, aka Jesse J Rogers

Only a few days ago, I wrote about the importance of only making large purchases when you’re using Uniswap to buy HOGE.

Unfortunately, small purchases and dollar-cost-averaging are just too expensive on Uniswap because most of your value will be eaten up by gas fees. A few days ago, I didn’t know of any solutions for small buyers. Now I do. It has problems and isn’t a complete solution, but consider it as a possibility.

This platform isn’t the kind of exchange that holds anyone’s funds, so there’s no need for account signup or proof of identity or anything like that. It also has no affiliation with either me or Hoge Finance. They are their own thing. No one in the Hoge community accepts responsibility or liability for this service.

That said, I do like this service. I’m going to tell you everything I know about it. The biggest problem is that they don’t have a large liquidity pool, so huge price swings on that platform are possible. Always check the price somewhere like coinmarketcap before transacting to make sure you’re getting a reasonable deal. If not, then just wait for someone to arbitrage more HOGE tokens back into their liquidity pool. Check the price whether you’re buying or selling.

If you’re used to Uniswap, this is very similar in the sense that it is an automated crypto vending machine. It doesn’t care who you are and isn’t interested in any Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. It seems complicated to people who are just getting into crypto, but it isn’t. You’re already used to this concept. Do you have quarters? Put them in the machine and it will give you a coke no…