Solidity Saturdays

Make friends while learning to program for free

Jesse J Rogers
4 min readSep 15, 2021


By Jesse J Rogers, aka Hogefather

If you’re new to crypto and want to learn how to get started, click here.

Article Summary

Solidity is the programming language to create smart contracts on Ethereum and similar chains such as Matic and BSC.

I am creating a free study group to help myself and whoever wants to join me to learn Solidity. As the saying goes, “if you want to go fast go alone; if you want to go far go together.”

You don’t need any previous programming experience, just a willingness to put in the time and appear with the rest of the group on my weekly podcast that will document our progress.

Oh… who am I? In a little over 1 year, I evolved from a complete novice into the content lead for a $40 million crypto project. I’ve authored and contributed to articles that appear in USA Today, Yahoo.Finance, Geek Culture, and many others (even though I didn’t always receive credit). Now I intend to transform myself — and you if you’ll put in the work — into a proficient Solidity developer over the next 1–2 years. If you want in, message me on Twitter to link up.

Why Learn?

In 2019 there was an estimated 200,000 Solidity developers. Although that number is surely higher by now, it still doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the number needed to meet demand, especially as more Fortune 500 companies explore blockchain solutions to improve their efficiency and security.

For that reason, Solidity developers can often make six figure salaries even without a degree. It isn’t uncommon to hear of freelance developers being paid $100–$200 per hour after only a year or two.

If you could be a proficient Solidity programmer in so short a time, and didn’t have to pay any money to be part of a study group that could keep you accountable and make it more fun, then why wouldn’t you do it? That’s the same question I asked myself, which led me to the decision to undertake this.

As a math tutor, I can already make as high as $60 per hour when tutoring subjects like calculus and…