Why Joe Biden Will Win

And why at long last I’ve come around to supporting him

Jesse J Rogers


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This Just in, Florida Man Votes for…

I’ll admit it, I’m a strange voter.

I’ve voted for candidates in both major parties, in addition to voting for third party candidates. Sometimes in the same election. In 2018 for example, my ballot was cast for Ron DeSantis (R) and Bill Nelson (D).

The letters next to the name mean very little to me. I have essentially zero party allegiance. Particularly in this age of rabid partisans, I find blind loyalty profoundly frustrating.

Recall Benjamin Franklin’s famous assertion that “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”

I understand quite clearly that I and nearly everyone I’ve ever known or cared about, are part of that “well-armed lamb”. For those of you who identify with or imagine yourself to be one of the “two wolves”, here’s a reality check: unless you’re having dinners in the wine cellar with billionaires or high rolling with Steve Wynn, then I’m sorry, kiddo, you’re just not part of the club. You’re no wolf. At best, maybe you’re a pawn or mouthpiece.

The fanatical demands by each party that I must either support your blue or red guy or else I am responsible for the destruction of America is quite offputting, to put it gently. If you’re inclined to make those sorts of impositions towards me, save yourself some grief: Don’t.

For the most part, I’ll vote based on two criteria: 1) integrity, and 2) competence.

What I saw last night was a cruel schoolyard bully finally meeting his match against the stuttering kid that isn’t afraid of bullies.

The rest can sort itself out. It shouldn’t surprise you that the only politician I’ve ever supported with real enthusiasm is Andrew Yang, who is both tech-literate enough to understand what’s really happening right now, and genuine enough to go all-in on solution-oriented ways of addressing America’s threats and opportunities.